Lifestyle Photographer

Hi, I'm Shannon

I am happy you are here! I hope you find what you need to determine if I am a good fit for documenting your special moments. Here is a little about me...


I have always had a passion for creating art but am one of those people who changed their major last minute to something business oriented because I was afraid of not being able to make a living. In fairness, it was 2008 and the market wasn't looking so hot. I now work a 9-5 as a project manager but fell in love with photography as a means to infuse art back into my world in my off hours. While I do now own a photography business, it is difficult to categorize it as work since I enjoy it so much.

My Sessions

My sessions are relaxed and adapted to the client and environment. For the parents out there, my style allows for children and babies to be children and babies. There is no need to keep little ones still for long periods of time. I am inspired by light, movement, and the easily missed, imperfect moments that occur every day. I love to create work that contains real feeling and captures the mood of the moment as opposed to stagnant posing.

Other Things

Besides work and photography, my time is spent with my four children, playing tennis, fixing my house, and driving to and from some sort of children's sporting event.

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